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Resources for Educators

Strong Families Eat Together (MS PowerPoint) (9.4 MB)
Strong Families Eat Together - Spanish (PDF) (1.3 MB)
Instructor Talking Points (MS Word) (39.4 MB)
KISS Tips for Quality Family Conversation (PDF) (240.1 KB)
One-page Conversation Starters (PDF) (153.6 KB)
Quick and Tasty Recipes (385.5 KB)
Family Meal Time Literature Review (MS Word) (62 KB)
Evaluation Form (MS Word) (81.1 KB)

Also, see Resources for Parents.

Mealtime Placemats

Mealtime Press Releases

Agents: These releases can be used anytime to remind families how important it is to make time to eat together. Another opportunity to focus on family mealtimes will occur during Thanksgiving Week, Nov. 23-29, 2014, which is also celebrated as National Family Week. Communities throughout the nation will celebrate the importance of families. You can use these articles to remind families about the educational opportunities available through their county WVU Extension Service offices.

Build Healthy Boundaries By Sharing Family Mealtimes
Communication Skills Build Strong Families
Family Meals Deliver Multiple Benefits
Hassle-free Meals Make Family Mealtime Conversations Easier
Smart Snacks Won't Spoil Family Meals
Time-saving Tips Create Nutritious, Time-for-us Family Meals
What Are Kids Learning At The Dinner Table