Love Your Heart

Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in West Virginia.

What can YOU do today to make a difference?

Learn. Spread the word. Love your heart today.


Although American Heart Month is officially observed in February, heart health awareness shouldn’t be restricted to just a single month on the calendar. That’s why WVU Extension Service offers resources for a year-round Love Your Heart Movement. By educating yourself now, you can help make a bigger impact in your community and with loved ones.

Some people believe heart disease is a “women’s” issue. It’s true that it kills more women than men annually and kills more women than all forms cancer combined. However, the problem isn’t isolated to women. Heart disease kills 2,200 people a day in America.


There are a number of ways to promote and learn about heart health. Our Love Your Heart Activities provide resources for you to empower yourself and those around you to champion for heart health in your community. From Love Your Heart Talks to Wild Wonderful Walking, no activity is too small to make an impact.

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WVU Extension Service’s Love Your Heart Movement is adapted from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute’s campaign and is targeted to help West Virginians become educated and enabled to take charge of their own health.