Families & Health

March is National Nutrition Month!

Materials are included here to help you launch Extension’s social media campaign in your area and to join in conducting food demos around the state.

You can help in three ways:

  1. “Like” the WV Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics on Facebook.
  2. Help promote the social media campaign. Social media posts will be added each week so that you can put them on your Facebook and/or Twitter pages. Attached are the posts for Week 1. The national theme this year is showing diversity in the ways we eat right. In honor of this, State Chairperson Sarah Sturgill would love to hear the ways you eat right! Please send her your ideas and she’ll turn them into social media posts.
  3. Do a food demonstration in your community. Some food demonstration lesson plans, handouts, and an evaluation are attached. You do not have to use these recipes, but they are all inexpensive and easy to prepare and serve. Look to partner with local registered dietitians in the state to make these food demos happen.

If you need help organizing food demos or have questions, please contact Sarah Sturgill. Sarah is a registered dietitian and Extension agent in Putnam County. She is also the state chairperson for the March National Nutrition Month event.