Food and Health

Freezing Guidelines

  • Freeze and hold foods at 0 degrees F or lower. Set freezer at -10 degrees F or lower for 24 hours before freezing large quantities of food.
  • Freeze foods immediately after preparation. Spread out packages inside the freezer. Stack them after they are frozen.
  • Avoid overloading freezer with unfrozen food. Freeze only the amount that will freeze in 24 hours (2 to 3 pounds of food per cubic foot of freezer space).
  • Stack already-frozen foods together so they don’t thaw when you add unfrozen food.
  • Place unfrozen foods in contact with freezer surfaces in coldest parts of freezer.
  • Leave space around packages so cold air can circulate.
  • Organize frozen food by types.
  • Arrange frozen foods so that those frozen the longest will be used first.
  • Frequently update your frozen foods inventory.
  • Periodically check the freezer’s temperature to make sure it’s zero.